SNTT: Lotus Notes–How to prevent return receipts from being sent in Mail

This is a quick tip, but a nice one. Thanks to my colleague, Jessica Daniels, for showing me.

We had a situation where we had to look at a test mailbox, but all of the messages inside had the ‘send return receipt’ flags enabled. We didn’t want to send out all of these receipts when we opened the mail messages, but we still needed to open and see the contents of the message. (Previewing wouldn’t work in this case…)

To accomplish this, all that needed to be done was to add the user (ourselves) to the ACL with READER ACCESS but with NO privileges or roles (especially the ‘Write Public Documents’ privilege.)


Make sure you close and open your Notes client (just in case)…

  • Mike

    The screen capture show it’s a local address book/names.nsf and not the mailbox ?

    • raybilyk

      Agreed… I was using the screen capture more as a way to show what needs to be set, not the actual database that should be changed….

  • Oliver Regelmann

    “Previewing wouldn’t work in this case…”
    And it would also send return receipts.