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Resolutions are DUMB… here are my GOALS for 2014! (Thanks Brian Brushwood!)

HAPPY 2014 EVERYONE! This is the time of year when people come out with their annual resolutions, and in the past, I was one of them. This year, I’m thinking more realistic… I’m setting GOALS! Brian Brushwood (website, Twitter, Facebook, Google+) has helped me see the light! Because of his guidance, I’ve decided to set GOALS for 2014, so without further delay, hereĀ are my GOALS for 2014:

Exercise 4 times a week
Brew a batch of beer every 2 weeks
Lose 50 pounds by 31 December 2014
Have a ‘date night’ with Jennifer every two weeks
Have 1 family activity every month
Write down my angry feelings (including date/time) in Evernote AND LET IT GO!
Create a respectable bar, including the correct liquors and glasses
Plan a family trip to another state by 31 October 2014
Learn Domino application development and create an application
Set up my man cave

By placing them out in the open, I’m now held accountable, and I hope YOU will help me with this. Feel free to ping me, call me, text me, call me out… I promise to work hard on making these real and measurable.

Here is Brian Brushwood’s video that inspired me to write this post. Hopefully it will inspire you as well:

Have a Happy and Successful 2014!