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Get out there and VOTE!!!

It’s time to stop the annoying commercials and all of the partisan talk out there and vote your heart! Do your self a favor this time… VOTE YOUR HEART, not who you think is going to win!!! I hate hearing people say, “I’m not going to vote for <INSERT NAME HERE> because then my vote will be wasted.” If you vote for ANYONE, you’re NOT WASTING YOUR VOTE!!! JUST VOTE!!!

Lotusphere 2012: Say Hello to me and OpenNTF at booth 516

From their post on

OpenNTF will be participating in the Lotusphere 2012 Product Showcase at pedestal number 516 and look forward to having you stop by! Members of the OpenNTF community will be hand to discuss all things OpenNTF. We have some really great OpenNTF stickers to give out as well.

Please also ““Follow Us” on Twitter.

If you are looking for me (and who isn’t), you can find me there on Monday from 10AM-12:30PM and 6PM-8PM, on Tuesday from 9:30AM-12:30PM, and on Wednesday from 12:30PM-3:30PM. Here’s a picture of the layout with the OpenNTF booth highlighted:

Lotusphere 2012: Something I don’t get about Lotusphere Online… er, I mean, Social Business Online

OK, if anyone reads this, it will upset a few people… It’s just something I don’t get….

It seems that Lotusphere ‘attendees’ can now access what used to be called “Lotusphere Online” at

Here’s my issue… Some #LS12 attendees aren’t ‘attendees’, but attend Lotusphere. They are the ones that are registered as EXHIBITORS. They don’t get to attend any sessions, but get to participate in some of the Lotusphere fun.

I guess that’s okay, but they are not even given access to Lotusphere Online (now known as “Social Business Online 2012”) so they can keep up with everything.

If Lotusphere is about “Business. Made Social.”, then why can’t the EXHIBITORS be given access to these SOCIAL BUSINESS elements?

I guess it’s a bit disappointing, but it will make sense some day… Can anyone help me with this?

Lotusphere 2012 – It’s not too late to submit a BOF (Birds of a Feather) Session!

They opened a community for Lotusphere on Lotus Greenhouse. (Go HERE to access it! MUST REGISTER FOR LOTUS GREENHOUSE FIRST) In this community, there is an Ideation Blog where you can vote on what BOF’s you are interested in attending. What they also have is a link where you can submit new BOF ideas. (Some people have already submitted new good ideas.)

Deadline is in the next 2 days, so get your ideas in now!!!