SCO sues DaimlerChrysler over Linux

According to USA Today, SCO Group sued DCX and AutoZone in a effort to collect royalties from anyone using the Linux OS. Give me a break! SCO! Yea, I’m talking to you! Give it a rest!!! Stop trying to sue companies in order to make money for your company!!! What I found interesting in the blurb in the newspaper was that SCO reported Wednesday that they had a $2.3 million loss for the quarter ending January 31st. As a result, “…SCO shares fell 14% to $11.59.” Wouldn’t it be cool if DaimlerChrysler or even IBM bought out SCO Group to end this all?


Eisner out as Disney Chairman, but still CEO

Yesterday, almost half of Disney shareholders meeting in Philadelphia chose not to vote Michael Eisner back on the Board of Directors of the Walt Disney Company, which sent the board to remove him as Chairman, but he stays on as CEO…for now. The board announced former politician George Mitchell as the new Disney chairman, even though 24.1% chose not to vote him back on the board either. Roy Disney, nephew of Walt Disney, son of the co-founder of the Walt Disney Company, and a former Disney director (along with former director Stanley Cold) ran a semi-successful campaign to remove Eisner completely from the board of directors. Sorry Michael, you did Disney proud for a while, but you might want to get out before you get kicked out. I know if I had a company that needed a guy it all, I’d give Eisner a call right about now. You never know…you might see him back. After all,…(hear comes the groan)…It’s a Small World after all…. UPDATE: I was just listening to CNN Headline News. Michael Eisner was making comments about what happened to him. He stated that the Chairman/CEO split was something that the board was considering for a while. Sure Michael…right….


Bowl-A-Thon Results

This past weekend, the Squires and Counselors from Fr. Daniel A. Lord Columbian Squires Circle #801 traveled to Lansing, Michigan, to participate in the Michigan Columbian Squires State Bowling Tournament and Bowl-A-Thon for Special Days, a camp for children suffering with cancer. Over $1000 was raised, and everyone had a great time for a good cause. All three games were done as Cosmic Bowling, which means that the lights are turned off, and some of the balls ‘glow’ due to black lights that are placed throughout the bowling center. The third game was a 9 pin no-tap, which means if you get 9 pins on your first ball, it counts as a strike. I never do well in either one of those. The scores reported from the Royal Scot Bowling Center in Lansing for Circle #801 (including me) will be announced shortly.

UPDATE: Bowling Results
Here are the bowling results:
“Sugar” Sean Roland (Circle Deputy Chief Squire): 36+26+39=101
Brian “Big Show” Hopper (Area Chairman & Circle Chief Squire): 96+96+91=283
Bruce “Our Olympic Hero” Hopkins (State Chief Squire of Michigan): 94+110+110=314
“Stone Cold” Ray Bilyk (aka The Lion King) (Counselor): 173+169+127=469
The boys did well, but I was pretty embarassed considering I have a 300 game under my belt. Oh well…

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Bowl-A-Thon Update

As of this morning, I have collected $120.00 in pledges for the Michigan Columbian Squires Annual Bowl-A-Thon for Special Days Cancer Camp. I would like to personally THANK the following people who pledged from this weblog:

They have really gone above and beyond just being weblog readers and have earned the title, ‘Friend of the Pridelands’. If you would like to help, please click on the link below.

I will be bowling the Bowl-A-Thon this weekend. A donation in ANY AMOUNT would be appreciated, and thank you for your support.


Happy Paczki Day 2004

Happy Paczki Day! What’s a paczki? It’s a Polish tradition. It’s a traditional deep fried pastry (like a jelly doughnut, but heavier) that’s filled with either a jelly or prune filling. It’s awesome, but it has me thinking about something. A report recently has Detroit listed as the fattest city in America. Now I know why…while other parts of the country have Mardi Gras, we here in Detroit celebrate ‘jelly doughnuts’! You can find out more about Paczki Day by clicking here, here, and here.


Vandals hit the Joe Louis ‘Fist’

We have a sculpture of what is suppose to be Joe Lewis’ fist here in Downtown Detroit. Yesterday morning, a couple of idiots went out and painted it white. They were caught later that day. (Get the story here.) I think what makes me upset is not the fact that it was defaced (although I am bothered by it), but that the police were so quick to find who did it, and that the city went out later yesterday and washed it clean. I know…it had to be cleaned, but they were so fast to do that, yet to get them to do ANY sort of basic city service is like pulling teeth.

About 5 years ago, a huge part of a city tree came down and tore off a part of my roof. They said that they would reimburse me for repairing it. They never did. About 3 1/2 years ago, I gave up on that quest. About 2 years ago, they came by and cut down the tree, but left the stump in front of my house. They said that they would be back later that week. I’m still waiting.

Maybe if I poured white paint on it, they would come out and get rid of it…


More problems in SW Detroit… Robbery at McDonald’s

This story is from

There was a robbery at the local McDonald’s restaurant this morning. This is the second McDonald’s to be built on that property. (The first one was torn down because it was old and could not be remodeled any further.) I worked at that McDonald’s (the old one) for six years. During that time, I was robbed at gunpoint once, and the store was robbed more than a dozen times. The only reason that I’m even commenting on this is that is occurred in Southwest Detroit…in the same precinct that the two cops were killed a day ago, and that in the report, the manager (who obviously didn’t work there when I did) stated that it was the first time that the Vernor McDonald’s was ever robbed. Just another day in paradise…

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Disney says NO to Comcast (for now)

According to MSNBC.COM, the board of directors at Disney have rejected the takeover bid from Comcast. They also said that the board “has confidence in the business, financial and creative direction of Disney under the leadership of Michael Eisner and his management team.” The board was also open to other offers or another one from Comcast if it would create “shareholder value” now and in the future.

This tells me two things: One, that they can be bought for the right price, and Two, that in order to calm rumors about Eisner, they will support him so that THEY don’t look like the bad guy and then someone else can fire him. All of this leaves a bad taste in my mouth. I try not to think of Disney as a company but an ideal. The Mouse shouldn’t be in it for the money. I guess that I’m just living in a fantasy world there…. Am I wrong?


Police Officers and Firefighters: Heroes

Today, two police officers in Detroit were killed in the line of duty. Normally, this would only bother me because cops shouldn’t be killed, period. It bothered me more than usual though. My wife’s cousin is a cop in the same precinct, the 4th (Southwest Detroit…where I live). I prayed that it wasn’t him. Whenever we are at family functions together, I get the vibe that he doesn’t like me. It bothers me a bit, but I deal with it. He’s never said negative to me in front of me or behind my back (to my knowledge). I’m impressed that he’s a Detroit cop. They’ve become somewhat of a joke to some people, and all because of a couple of ‘bad apples’. That’s got to be a tough gig, though. They deal with all kinds of problems, and whenever there is a problem, THEY are the first ones we call. Both police officers and firefighters are heroes that we should be making movies, tv shows and comic books about…not the crap that Hollywood puts out now! Whenever you read this, go find a cop or firefighter and THANK THEM for getting our back.

Thanks to Andrew Pollack, a volunteer firefighter and fellow blogger, for your commitment to your job.

And to PAUL ‘PAULO’ HERNANDEZ of the 4th Precinct here in the BIG D, THANKS FOR WHAT YOU DO! I may not act like it, but I look up to you for what you do!

TUESDAY UPDATE:There is some information about this on our local NBC affiliate, WDIV.


St Valentine’s Day

I hope that everyone had a great Valentine’s Day. My pride just stayed at home most of the day and ‘hung out’ (which is unusual for us. Later on that evening, Jennifer and I had to bowl in our mixed league. We’re in third place right now, but we had bowled a team that was on fire! Oh well…we’ll get them next time…