No lawsuit for you, silly Pooh Bear!

According to USA Today, a 13-year-old lawsuit between Disney and a company that holds the rights to Winnie the Pooh merchandising was dismissed “with prejudice”. The lawsuit claimed that Disney was giving Stephen Slesinger Inc. (SSI) enough money for royalties from all of the Pooh stuff Disney sells (which brings in $1 BILLION for Disney and $6 BILLION in retail…more than even Mickey Mouse).

I just imagined Piglet with Johnny Cochrin in a courtroom…”If the Piglet doesn’t fit, then you must acquit!”

More travel for me

As you can tell by my location, I’m out of town again. I miss my family, but they left me a couple of ‘gifts’ in my luggage. The good news is that I can keep up with what’s going on by a nice FREE internet connection from my hotel. This hotel also has Spike TV, which means I can watch some WWE wrestling action. (Yes, I’m one of those guys…)

I’m in a Bad Mood

I got some bad news today…really bad news! I hate getting this kind of news, but I hate the fact that I can’t control my environment more. I really can’t talk about it here, but all I can say is that I have a very good friend that I’m going to miss seeing…YOU WILL BE MISSED!

Where in the World is Ray Bilyk?

I haven’t been blogging much because I’m currently out of town on business. (Two weeks ago, I was in Ohio.) I miss internet access when I’m out of town. This hotel has wireless access, but now I think that my wireless card craps out on me when my computer ‘warms up’. I keep having to remove it and reinsert it. It’s frustrating! This is reason 387 why I need a new laptop…

Dish Network and Viacom reach agreement…Comedy Central is BACK!

I turned on my television this morning and saw that Comedy Central is back! Dish Network (EchoStar) and Viacom have reached a long term agreement. When I checked the Dish Network website, they stated that customers will get a $1 credit plus a free Dish Network ON DEMAND Pay-Per-View movie. I ended up losing a local channel during this 36 hour ordeal, but even with that, I survived. I would have been angry if I couldn’t get Comedy Central after a week or so, plus March Madness would have been a problem. Get more info from Charlie Ergen, CEO of DISH Network, here and a press release from Viacom here.

What ever happened to Steve from Blue’s Clues?

I’ve heard rumors left and right about Steve from Blue’s Clues over the years. Most of them I pass off as wacko rumors. Earlier today while viewing some weblogs, I came across Developing Storm, which had a link to Steve Burn’s website. Apparently, he’s been working on a music album. You’ve gotta read some of his site to get into his head a bit. I wasn’t a big fan of his on Blue’s Clues (mostly because I’ve been forced to watch the show due to a almost 2 year old daughter and young niece), but now that I’ve been to his site and listened to his music, I’m a fan of his! I always thought that he was too squeaky clean for my tastes, but now I know he has a weird side. STEVE…YOU ROCK!

SCO sues DaimlerChrysler over Linux

According to USA Today, SCO Group sued DCX and AutoZone in a effort to collect royalties from anyone using the Linux OS. Give me a break! SCO! Yea, I’m talking to you! Give it a rest!!! Stop trying to sue companies in order to make money for your company!!! What I found interesting in the blurb in the newspaper was that SCO reported Wednesday that they had a $2.3 million loss for the quarter ending January 31st. As a result, “…SCO shares fell 14% to $11.59.” Wouldn’t it be cool if DaimlerChrysler or even IBM bought out SCO Group to end this all?