Dude, where’s my alley?

This past weekend, a neighbor that owns a restaurant on the corner of my street in Southwest Detroit decided to take a portion of our alley and claim it as his own. According to our neighbors, a city inspector gave the approval to do this. In order to close off an alley in Detroit, the neighbors that are affected by the closure would have to ‘sign off’ on the action. None of us have. We are currently talking to State Representative Steve Tobocman and Wayne County Commissioner Ilona Varga hoping that they can give us a hand.

Ironically, in today’s Detroit Free Press, there is an article about the restaurant that the neighbor owns with a quote from Joe Neville, a building inspector from Detroit, and his lunch partner, Weldon Robinson, a Detroit construction inspector. Coincidence? What do you think?

I’ll try to put a map out here to explain this a little better later…