BOF311-Introducing the Lotus Workplace Rich Client Platform

Why do I waste my time on these? All I got out of it is that the Rich Client is coming, and people still don’t understand what it is. I figured that because the word ‘Introducing’ is in the title that perhaps someone would have a running copy there…NOPE! There were 3 IBM/Lotus dudes with a bunch of people wanting LW Rich Client to work in their infrastructures without tweaking. I also figured out one other thing: The Marketing Dorks at IBM are playing a cruel joke on all of us by seeing how long we will put up with changing these product names (just before a major conference) to the LONGEST NAMES POSSIBLE before we start going nuts and hold Ed Brill hostage until they change them to something reasonable. (Actually, I really wouldn’t hold him hostage. He’s uber-cool, and I suspect he’d go willing with us because I think that he’s tired of the names also.)