Feeling the crunch…

Just before Lotusphere every year, I try to figure out what sessions to attend, what tests I’m going to take, and what I’m going to do with my free time. As I near departure time (T minus 3 days and counting), I’m feeling the crunch. Hopefully, I can get over this ‘hurdle’ and keep my focus.

I also have had a great time on eBay. I bought a wireless LAN PCMCIA card, a PCMCIA modem, and a CompactFlash PCMCIA reader card all on eBay. It rocks, and when I get back, I’m going to sell everything I can get my hands on.

On the website front, some of you should be seeing something different about your bookmarks to this site, as well as your address fields. Yup, that’s the LK (Lion King) logo up there. That little item is thanks to this cool site that takes your graphics and turns them into FAVICON.ICO files. I found the link on another site, and if they see this…leave a reply so I can give you credit for showing me this site.