Lotusphere Tips and Tricks

There are some great tips and tricks to Lotusphere out there. I thought about doing some of my own, but the only one I can think of is:


Other than that, check out some other sites for some great ideas (some I’ve even missed):
Richard Schwartz (who also does some LDD articles LIVE (sort of) from the ‘Sphere)
Julian Robichaux (from NSFTools.com)
Rocky Oliver (NotesGeek)
Ben Langhinrichs (Maker of the cool Lotusphere Agenda nsf… WHICH HAS JUST BEEN UPDATED TO INCLUDE DUPLICATE SESSIONS!!!)
and of course, you can’t forget The Turtle from the Gonzo Lotusphere site… A MUST READ!
(There is a mirror of his site here …he’s been having some server issues lately)

Do yourself a favor and take a look at these. You won’t be sorry…