Eisner out as Disney Chairman, but still CEO

Yesterday, almost half of Disney shareholders meeting in Philadelphia chose not to vote Michael Eisner back on the Board of Directors of the Walt Disney Company, which sent the board to remove him as Chairman, but he stays on as CEO…for now. The board announced former politician George Mitchell as the new Disney chairman, even though 24.1% chose not to vote him back on the board either. Roy Disney, nephew of Walt Disney, son of the co-founder of the Walt Disney Company, and a former Disney director (along with former director Stanley Cold) ran a semi-successful campaign to remove Eisner completely from the board of directors. Sorry Michael, you did Disney proud for a while, but you might want to get out before you get kicked out. I know if I had a company that needed a guy it all, I’d give Eisner a call right about now. You never know…you might see him back. After all,…(hear comes the groan)…It’s a Small World after all…. UPDATE: I was just listening to CNN Headline News. Michael Eisner was making comments about what happened to him. He stated that the Chairman/CEO split was something that the board was considering for a while. Sure Michael…right….