I admit that I’m hooked on Survivor, ever since the first episode of the first season. I’ve had my share of favorites, including Richard Hatch, Rudy Boesch, and Michigan’s own Michael Skupin and Keith Famie. The one guy I have really come to like is Rupert Boneham (who was actually born in Detroit, Michigan, so I guess he’s sort of ‘Michigan’s Own’). There’s a real guy quality to him. I actually was worried this past Sunday when I realized that I may never see him again. I want to meet Rupert in the worst possible way! It’s almost amazing how much emotion I have over this guy. He’s like a good friend of mine, even though he’s never met me.

Why am I going on and on about him? Well, he has an opportunity to win one million dollars in what’s being called the ‘People’s Tribal Council’. We get to pick who win’s the money. How can you help? GO VOTE FOR RUPERT NOW!!! You can also vote ‘Pirate’ Rupert stealing the shoes of the Morgan Tribe as the Best Moment. Vote now and vote often! GO RUPERT!!!

Here is a cool article on Rupert.