Lion King 2: Simba’s Pride Re-released TODAY!

Today they re-released the sequel to ‘The Lion King’. The last time it was released, it was a ‘direct to video’ release. This time, it’s a two DVD set, including a bunch of bonus features. If you pre-ordered it from Disney online, I think you got a lithograph. Jennifer and I talked about doing that, but we missed the deadline. Oh well, I guess that’s why eBay exists. And in case you were wondering…Yes, I already own a copy from the first time it came out, but you can never have enough ‘Lion King’.

  • r u really that crazy about The Lion King? dude what is the story behind this, i’m curious!

  • It tells a great story…a story about how you need to remember who you are and where you came from. It also teaches us that our actions in the past are simply that: in the past. We can either continue to be hurt by them, or learn from them.

    It was also at one time the highest grossing animated movie of all time.

    Plus, the lion is an animal of royalty, pride and leadership. All of this put together makes me strive to be the best, and to instill a sense of pride in my family, especially my daughter.