OK, Lion King, where the HECK have you been?

Thanks to the swift kick in the backside by Duffbert and Rob ‘Domino Unplugged’ Wunderlich, I’m back! I can’t believe that I haven’t had anything to really say in almost two months! I’m going to try to be better about this in the future. A big “Lion’s Roar” goes out to Duffbert and Rob for giving me a little motivation.
Where have I been? Nowhere really. Starting July 1st, I took a new position in the Knights of Columbus here in Michigan. I’m a District Deputy, which means I’m the liason between five local councils (well, it’s actually four, but that’s for another blog entry) and the State Deputy/Supreme Office. It’s been keeping me extremely busy, so I haven’t been a good blogger. I’m probably going to introduce more of my K of C brothers to this blog, but not until they get to know me better.
I’m also looking to change how this site looks soon. To me, it’s starting to look ‘old’. I’ve been waiting until the new version of BlogSphere to come out to make some changes, but Dec has been so busy that he hasn’t had the time to update the template, so I may ‘remodel’ sooner than later.