Animator Frank Thomas dead and Disney’s Eisner out in 2006

Two Disney related stories this morning…

Frank Thomas, Legendary Disney Animator and One of Walt Disney’s ‘Nine Old Men,’ Dies at Age 92
My thoughts concerning this are mixed. Yes, he was 92, but I also get this gut feeling that as Disney leaves traditional animation behind, that Frank saw this as a time to leave. I imagine that if Disney still had an animation studio in Florida, they would be having tributes about Frank (between all of the hurricanes). He died on Wednesday…did anyone else notice?

Disney’s Eisner to leave company in 2006
The funny thing about this was that it wasn’t announced from California or Florida, but from London. Stockholders against Eisner (see for details) are probably crying a collective ‘It’s not soon enough!’ He has been talking a lot lately about who is going to replace him, so I guess that this shouldn’t be that much of a shock. What is funny is that he’s not quitting, he’s retiring. Nice move…that way, you get all of your benefits. I’m sure that even in his ‘retirement’, he’ll be working somewhere making more money.