A little girl needs our prayers!

This is a call out to all of the friends of the Pridelands:

Rebekah Tauber is a 15 year old from Houston who is presently undergoing cancer treatment. She is a fierce Christian who attends Memorial High School. Rebekah is wearing a “prayer pager” (1-800-250-6939) that is being sponsored by Second Baptist Church in Houston.

Please take a minute out of your busy day to say a quick prayer for Rebekah, her family and her doctors asking for God’s guiding hand to be with them through this ordeal and then call the toll free number (1-800-250-6939). It will vibrate letting Rebekah know that someone has prayed on her behalf.

Feel free to pass this email on and thanks for your support and prayers.

Call…. it just takes a second or two!

This has been verified by Snopes, plus I actually did this. I don’t know this girl, but if my prayers can help her, and a toll-free call to a pager will make her feel loved (and maybe better), then I’m in!

Take a moment out of your day and let this girl know that we care in the Pridelands! Thanks!