My father was a soldier in World War 2. Even though he didn’t see any action overseas, many of his friends did. The men back then had the guts to fight for our country…no questions asked. I realized early in my life that I want the best fighting force in the world defending me…and I wasn’t it. I had no intention to enlist, not because I was scared, but because there were (and are) better soldiers out there than me. I feel that in any organization, you want the best at the top, and the soldiers we have are it…the best! I guess in my case, Groucho Marx said it best, “I don’t want to belong to any club that will accept me as a member.

I bring all of this up because today is Election Day. No matter what you are doing today, take some time out to vote! It is not your right…it is your responsibility! No ‘Vote or Die’ crap. No ‘Vote Bush’ crap. No ‘Vote Kerry’ crap. No ‘Vote Badnarik’ crap. (Who? He’s the Libertarian candidate.) None of that here…. I want F.O.P.’s (Friends of the Pridelands) out there to VOTE…JUST DO IT!

While I’m talking soldiers…a ‘shout out’ to Christopher McDaniel (Air Force), Josh McDermott (Army) and Michael Henn (Army?). Thanks for defending my family and my country’s interests!