Why being a District Deputy ranks up there with getting a lobotomy

I never thought that I would say that about being a District Deputy (or anything in the Knights of Columbus)…

A District Deputy in the Knights of Columbus is sort of like being a regional director of something. I have 5 local K of C councils that I’m working with. One that was given to me was “brain dead” when I got it. (To give you an idea, the Grand Knight transferred to another council.) I have another council that has officers that are willing to quit at a moment’s notice. I have 2 good councils, then I have mine. It really is a good council, but the officers have given up hope. They are concerned more about keeping a building afloat than the good members and the work that the Knights of Columbus do. It also has a problem with young guys trying, but getting shot down by an older, more established group. The older members don’t want to give up what they do, partly because they are afraid the young members will screw it up, and partly because they don’t want to give up the power.

Why am i bringing this up? I just received an email from a former District Deputy (and Past Grand Knight of my council) saying that he and the State Membership Director want to have a meeting with me on a Wednesday as soon as possible, probably about the lack of membership recruitment in my council (and the fact that I will probably have to suspend 10% of the existing members because of non-payment of dues). Now, I respect this former DD a lot, but honestly, he hasn’t been an ACTIVE part of our council for many, many years. Both live on the east side of the Detroit regional area. None of them have a clue as to what’s going on in the inner city of Detroit (aka The Pridelands). I’m willing to take any advice to help bring in more membership to my home council. I think they have the wrong people in their crosshairs, though. When I was Grand Knight, I made my membership quota…it can be done. My council has no respect for me whatsoever. I wonder if there is some magic words that will get the council off its butt.

Bring on the yelling and the criticism…er, I mean, the advice and instruction….