A Message to everyone attending Lotusphere

I hope that all of you attending Lotusphere right now (especially my i.blog Blogging buddies)… have a great time! Remember that some of us can’t be there (even though WE WANT TO AND SHOULD BE THERE), so please blog early and often. We want lots of information, and lots of stories, both professional and personal. DETAILS…WE NEED DETAILS!!!

My poor 2 year old daughter is having Lotusphere withdrawal. She remembered from last year that after Daddy’s birthday, we fly to Florida to see Mickey Mouse, Bear in the Big Blue House, and my friends. She’s been very sad. If anyone can see it in their hearts to grab an extra freebie item for her (she still plays with last year’s stuff), this Lion King would appreciate it tremendously.

Since I’m not teaching next week, one of the classrooms will be turned into a ‘Lotusphere Command Center’ with many of your blogs up on each screen. I’m going to attempt to do a ‘View of Lotusphere from the Pridelands’ thing on this blog, so I’m planning on referencing many of your blogs throughout the week. Keep that information coming!