I have a couple of the best councils in Michigan!

I co-hosted a District meeting with 6 other District Deputies last night at Msgr Hunt Council #3312. (Thanks again for the “fraternalism” after the meeting, guys!) I was forced to stand up while individually, each of my councils were “called on the carpet” for the lack of membership recruitment. It was totally unexpected, and a couple of my councils really didn’t get the point of what was going on. It was tough, and I felt really beat up while it was going on. Then Stanley Brescoll Jr, Grand Knight of Fr. Patrick O’Kelley Council #3860, stood up and gave a report on how they are going to use the Round Table program at the churches in their area to recruit members. Then, they called upon Anacleto Rodriguez Council #8697, my Brother Knights in the ‘hood of Southwest Detroit. David Belian, the Financial Secretary, went into a detailed explanation of how they are recruiting members, and since they are ALREADY AT THEIR MEMBERSHIP QUOTA after almost getting closed down a year ago, he also had some great words of advice for the other councils in attendence.

I just wanted to thank my Brother Knights at Fr. Patrick O’Kelley Council #3860 and Anacleto Rodriguez Council #8697 for backing me up. The “higher ups” may not have been proud of what you are accomplishing, but I SURE AM!!!