“Looking from the Pridelands at Lotusphere” update: From the Opening Session

This is my last update on this entry. I apologize if I didn’t reference anyone’s site so far. Please e-mail me so I can check you out!

10:53AM UPDATE: Phigment Said What? with his take on the Opening Session.

10:34AM UPDATE:The Business Controls Caddy is chiming in from Lotusphere with info regarding Sarbanes-Oxley.

10:14AM UPDATE: Info on the Workplace Designer once again from Richard Schwartz and Declan Lynch here and here. Sounds like something I get really get into working with now. Where’s the download?

10:07AM UPDATE: Info on the Activity Explorer here ( Richard Schwartz ) and here ( Declan Lynch ). Why does that sound like the Workplace version of Lotus Discovery Server?

10:00AM UPDATE: A Greyhawk68 photo from the Opening Session here

9:57AM UPDATE: vowe has a picture of Ray Ozzie at the Opening Session here.

9:48AM UPDATE: Richard Schwartz has an update and thoughts on Ray Ozzie’s attendance and how HE’S SPEAKING AT THE OPENING SESSION here

9:34AM UPDATE: I knew that Declan Lynch would blog live. He’s updating an entry here.

9:20AM: I found out from Captain Oblivious first, John Cleese is the opening speaker! No SPAM for us, please! Maybe the dead parrot is being compared to Microsoft…

I can’t believe that IBM/Lotus didn’t have a webcast of the opening session…bummer!