Happy Mardi Gras (and Happy Paczki Day) 2005!

Happy Paczki Day! What’s a paczki? It’s a Polish tradition. It’s a traditional deep fried pastry (like a jelly doughnut, but heavier) that’s filled with either a jelly, custard, chocolate or prune filling. You can find out more about Paczki Day by clicking here (Wikipedia), here, here, and here.

Last year, Fat Tuesday was February 24th. This year, it’s more than 2 weeks early. Before we know it, it will be in January…. By the way, for all of you Catholics out there, tomorrow is Ash Wednesday. Time to get your prayer on….

  • Tom

    Man, those things are sooooo good! Alas, I haven’t had any this year. I gotta run over to Publix to see if I can get some. That’s the only place around here (Atlanta area) that I know makes them around Fat Tuesday. Deeelicious!

  • mmmmm sounds goooooooood

  • Man,

    I had 4 of those things yesterday.. woke up this morning and I had lost a pound from yesterday….. HOw is that possible on the South Beach diet? Oh well, never question thing that work out for the better.