Please Pray for the Pope

Let’s face it… not all of us are Catholics. You have to admit, though, that Pope John Paul II is pretty cool. He’s got a cool car (the ‘Popemobile’). He travels all over the world preaching peace. Heck, he even FORGAVE the person who shot him during a visit to him in prison. You’ve gotta give the ‘Popester’ (aka His Holiness) some mad props! He’s been praying for all of us (Catholic and non-Catholics) for years… now it’s our turn!!!

I got this prayer from (and it’s on the Archdiocese of Detroit website also). I don’t know who wrote it, other than in the PDF that had the prayer on it, it mentioned a ‘jchen’.

Prayer for Pope John Paul II While Hospitalized

God of infinite compassion and mercy,
the lasting health of all who believe in you,
hear us as we pray for your loving help
for John Paul II our Pope.
Bless him in his special need,
comfort him in his affliction,
strengthen him in spirit,
and restore his health,
that he might once again
offer joyful thanks
as the chief teacher and shepherd of your Church.
We ask this through Christ our Lord

Please take a couple of moments and talk to your ‘Higher Power’ and say this little prayer to him (or her). Thanks for your support!