Detroit Firefighters Battle Five-Alarm Blaze

Courtesy of ClickOnDetroit.comI would normally not report on something like this, but if you go to (WDIV-TV), read the article and view the video, you’ll hear about a guy named David Mardeuz. Dave (or ‘Friend Dave’ as my daughter calls him) is a good friend of mine. To see him having to go thru this is tearing me up inside.

My family has survived a fire, so I know what he’s going through. I will say this until my dying days…THE DETROIT FIRE DEPARTMENT ARE OVERWORKED AND UNDERPAID! THEY ARE HEROES TO MANY OF US! They kept Dave’s home from getting destroyed, and even though the fire started around 4PM Sunday, it was still burning this morning.[One of these days, I’ll do a podcast where I’ll tell my fire story…promise!]

Dave’s home was spared, but I hear that his garage didn’t make it. I also know from experience that the smoke damage will be pretty intense.

Dave…your friends are here for you. I’ll call you later.

If anyone has a chance, keep my ‘Friend Dave’ in your prayers.

UPDATE (11:47AM EST): I was right about his garage, according to the Detroit News. This is a report from the Detroit Free Press. Here’s a report from WXYZ-TV and WJBK-TV. There’s even a discussion of it (with pictures) from