Happy Anniversary to my ‘Nala’!

Nine years ago today, someone was silly enough to marry me. I’m so glad that she did. Today’s podcast is dedicated to her, and to someone that helped me marry her, recording artist Joshua Kadison.

You can get his music at http://www.joshuakadison.com.

Jennifer, thanks for 9 wonderful years. You still make me laugh, smile, and think. We’ll make it to the Pridelands some day… I promise!

This is dedicated to my beautiful wife, Jennifer, on our 9th wedding anniversary.

This is also dedicated to the one man who helped make it all possible, Joshua Kadison. (http://www.joshuakadison.com)
He helped me propose to Jennifer back in 1995, and thanks to the permission granted directly by him, I’m able to provide all of you into a glimpse of his genius.

Joshua – Thank you so much for giving me permission to share this with the world. May you always have happiness and peace.

Jennifer – It’s been a wild and crazy 9 years, and I can’t imagine taking this trip with anyone other than you. You’ve been my best friend through it all, and as Joshua has said, you’ll always be "Beautiful in My Eyes".

Songs replayed with written permission by Joshua Kadison. Please go to www.joshuakadison.com to purchase any of his songs. Tell him that the Lion King sent you.

Songs played:
– Do You Know How Beautiful You Are? (The Venice Beach Sessions Part 1)
– Love Will Rule the World (The Venice Beach Sessions Part 1)
– Wild Angel (The Venice Beach Sessions Part 1)
– Take It On Faith (Delilah Blue)
– Beau’s All Night Radio Love Line Painted Desert Serenade)
– Beautiful in My Eyes (Painted Desert Serenade)