Out goes Howard Stern…In comes ‘Rover’s Morning Glory? WTF!

This morning, I found out that the local station in Detroit (97.1FM) broadcasting Howard Stern is not replacing him with David Lee Roth or Mancow, but with some show out of Cleveland called ‘Rover’s Morning Glory’. (Does anybody know anything about him? Please let me know.) Infinity Broadcasting (which owns WKRK-FM 97.1) is also rebranding some of their stations as ‘Free FM‘.

I find this almost too funny for words. Isn’t the lack of freedom by the FCC one of the reasons Howard Stern is leaving regular radio for Sirius Satellite Radio?

Check out more on this here from Michiguide: Michiguide.com: Out: Stern. In: Rover, Free FM for WKRK Detroit

This doesn’t affect me too much, because I’m a Drew-and-Mike guy.