Lotusphere Speakers (as of 11-07-2005 12:38PM EST)

As promised, I’m making a list of known Lotusphere 2006 speakers. If your name is not on this list but you ARE speaking, presenting, leading a BoF (Birds of a Feather) session, please email me at TheLionKing@thepridelands.com. Thanks to Ed Brill (who is presenting as well) for starting the list on his blog. Here we go:

Ed Brill and Libby Ingrassia
Carl Tyler
John David Head aka ‘Starfish’
Devin Olson
Paul Mooney and Wild Bill
Bruce Elgort and Vince Schuurman
Chris Byrne aka ‘The Caddymaster’
Duffbert (who will be presenting with Julian Robichaux instead of his usual partner and the other member of Team-TSG, Joe Litton)
Chris Whisonant
Stephan Wissel
Chris Miller aka ‘IDoNotes’
Henry (Newbs?)
Scott (??? Help Ed!)

Added 11-4-05:
Warren Elsmore…good luck on your upcoming wedding!

Added 11-7-05:
Add Andrew Pollack to the mix.

If you’re going, send me an email also.