My Lotusphere Abstract

I see that although my abstract did not get selected, Lotus is still placing a session (a ‘Birds of a Feather’ actually) regarding Lotus Education. Here was my suggestion:

Suggested Track:
Track FOUR: Best Practices
Business Development Day

Session Title:
Knowledge is Power (and Productivity): Education Options for Lotus Software

With the emerging technologies of Lotus Software, technical training has become more important than ever. This session will show the reasons why training is so important, as well as show the different types of training available for Lotus Software, from classroom training to online learning. This session, presented by an award-winning IBM Certified Instructor, will also demonstrate what companies can do to get “more bang for their buck.”

Here is the one that Lotus is using:

Building IBM Lotus Training & Education to Meet Customer Demands

Session ID: BOF501

Session Track(s): BOF – Track FIVE: Communities of Interest

Speaker Name: Nancy Haynes (Speaker Company: IBM)
Speaker Name: Tom Gibbons (Speaker Company: Element K)

Session Abstract: It is critical that the training and education developed on IBM Lotus products meets the needs of the technical and end user customers using them. This interactive session with Lotus education product managers and courseware developers from ElementK, the vendor that produces Lotus courseware, will provide a forum to ask questions and provide insight into customers’ training needs. Learn about the curriculum plans for IBM Lotus Notes and Domino 7 and IBM Workplace products, as well as the multiple form factors and options available to increase flexibility and customization of learning plans.

First off, let me state for the record that I am not complaining.
I guess if you want to learn more about Lotus Education and options with Lotus Education, it’s best to go to IBM & Element K (the company that is developing the courseware now). I just hope that they discuss other options available outside of the direct IBM/Lotus revenue stream (like TLCC, LEOnline and training from GREAT educational centers). Could that have been my flaw? Also, considering who will be the audience for something like this, I would not have considered submitting it under the category of ‘BOF: Track FIVE – Communities of Interest’… Go figure!

No matter who’s doing the presentation, I would strongly suggest that you attend a session like this. Companies will find more productive employees with just a bit of education.