A Story by Kiara

My 3 year old daughter, Kiara, is becoming quite the Internet addict. She goes to just 2 or 3 sites, including PBSKids.org. Thanks to them, my daughter made me a story about the Berenstain Bears. I thought that it would be nice to share it with you. Remember that she’s 3 years old…

I picked the words myself daddy! Mom helped alittle.Love you Daddy

One sunny day, Mama Bear decided to go to the park. There were plenty of butterflies about.
Suddenly Mama heard a sound, and thought it might be a dog. The noise was coming from the water.
It was a big dog with a green nose. Mama stopped to ask a question.
”Do you need some help?”
The dog nodded. ”My name is Guiseppe. I was out dancing when a purple wolf with feathery scales took my ice cream.”
”Maybe I can help you?” Mama replied.
Guiseppe sneezed. ”Thank you. My ice cream is very special, and I need it for my family”.
”Let’s try looking east.” Mama said.
They headed out together along a path in hopes that they would soon find the missing ice cream.
It was a few minutes later when they finally saw the wolf that had taken the ice cream.
It was busy eating when the two approached.
The wolf growled and quickly pulled out a hotdog from a sack. The wolf looked rather happy.
”Excuse me,” Mama said. ”Did you take a ice cream from this dog?”
”Yes, I did,” It replied. ”It’s in my sack. I needed it for my science project.
”But it is not yours,” Guiseppe replied. ”You cannot just take things that are not yours.”
The wolf looked angry. ”How about I give you this hotdog in exchange for the ice cream?”
Guiseppe accepted the offer and took the hotdog. It was striped and pink.
”My name is Harry, and I’m sorry I took your ice cream” the wolf said.
”Please just remember to ask next time,” Mama replied.
Guiseppe was happy with the new hotdog. ”Thank you for your help, Mama”.
They left together and went home.

Moral of the Story – Do not take things without asking first.


Look out JK Rowling… Here comes Kiara Bilyk!!!