According to the December issue of Clippings, the online newsletter for Certified Lotus Professionals, the Lotusphere 2006 Discount for Lotus Professionals has been extended until January 5th. (You must be registered for the certification private site to access the article they mention and to get the discount.)

Maybe one or two (two?) of my fellow professionals out there can answer this for me:
Is this a bad sign? Could giving this kind of discount so late in the process be a sign that the numbers are down for the ‘Sphere? My hope is that IBM/Lotus is in the ‘giving mood’ this holiday season and have decided to get as many of us as possible to Lotusphere. Your thoughts???

Anyways, it doesn’t matter…. I’m still in the same financial situation as last time. Unless my fairy godmother/godfather got certified and needs a companion to share the room costs, I’m still not going to Lotusphere.

Where are you, fairy godmother and/or godfather???