DominoPower: A comparison of apples and oranges?

In the January 2006 issue of DominoPower, they have an article called ‘What’s really new with Domino Domain Monitoring?’. (In fact, it’s the first article listed from the issue’s home page.) In it, the author says this, "…I’ll subject the new R7 DDM features to as objective analysis as I can." Oh, by the way, the author works for GSX Groupware Solutions, which he also mentions is "…arguably a competitor to Lotus’ new Release 7 Domino Domain Monitor, so admittedly we do have something of a bias when it comes to Lotus’ marketing claims for DDM."

Now I should have known from the beginning that this was a glorified ad for a product that GSX Groupware Solutions was selling, but I wanted to give the author the benefit of the doubt. I shouldn’t have.

He used this ‘marketing hype’ versus ‘reality’ thing, but it seemed like he was comparing what was ‘marketing hype’ to sell the product to new customers versus his ‘reality’, which was just a look at the changes between previous versions and ND7. This is hardly a fair comparison.

The article had a subtitle of ‘BUSINESS PARTNERS SPEAK OUT’, so I guess that’s how DominoPower can say that it was going to be a bit one-sided, but it should not have made that the first article of the issue. It wasn’t a top news story, it was a marketing paper, plain and simple. Couldn’t the Lotusphere article have been the top article?

I guess it’s my fault for reading articles before I have my first coffee of the day.

  • That’s a fair comment.

    We often let those with a vested interest speak out, as long as their bias is stated upfront. Sometimes those with the vested interest tend to know more about a topic than anyone else. Certainly GSX knows more about DDM than those of us on the editorial staff of DominoPower — and nearly anyone else we’ve talked to. The key, when reading, is knowing there’s a bias and picking out the germs of information you can’t get anywhere else.

    On your other comment, the order of articles in the magazine is currently determined entirely programmatically. Our content management system grabs the titles, mushes through them, and posts them on our table of contents pages and home pages. Eventually, I hope to change that, but it’s one of those mere matters of programming (and I’ve got a very, very long list of mere matters of programming!).

  • Thank you for your comments, David.

    I guess my point of my blog entry is that with the way it was presented on the site, it was an article, but it really didn’t provide any information of use other than to find out about a product being sold, not Domino. The article was called, “What’s really new with Domino Domain Monitoring?”, not “Why our product is better than Domino Domain Monitoring.” It was an ad for his company’s product, nothing more.

    Besides, I did admit that I didn’t have my coffee when I read it….