Bill Gates FEARS IBM!

I’m hoping to beat Ed Brill in commenting on this.

In this article on, Bill Gates states that despite all of the media hype, Google is not Microsoft’s biggest competitor, but IBM.

The article further mentions how IBM, Toshiba, and Sony developed the Cell microprocessor that will go into the Playstation 3 game system. (Maybe should have waited, Greyhawk??? Nah! I wouldn’t have either…)

Bill fearing IBM is not anything new to those of us working with Lotus Notes/Domino. Now the rest of the world knows. I wish they didn’t. I liked the idea of IBM going ‘under the radar’ and popping Microsoft in the head while the rest of the world watched Google and thought that IBM was ‘out of it’. It’s like the IT version of the rope-a-dope.

As The Rock would say, "Microsoft, JUST BRING IT!"