Show-n-Tell 2… Electric Boogaloo

I’m going to catagorize this week’s SnT Thursday under ‘Did you know that?’. Here we go…

Many of my students find that when they ‘discover’ Domino Web Access (AKA iNotes), the first thing they complain about is the URL. I would have to agree. Most end users have a hard enough time remembering their passwords. Fortunately, Lotus gave us a great tool to help with this.

It’s called ‘Domino Web Access Redirect’, a Notes database that will redirect a user’s browser to their mail file based on username/password. It can be created from the ‘Domino Web Access Redirect’ template on the Domino server. Once created, all you have to do is go through the 3 step process of setting it up. Then, once it’s set up, just point your users to that nsf file via a URL. Heck, you can even set up a redirection or (something like it) on your Domino server to make it even easier for the users.

  • An example of a user’s URL before:
    (and each person has a different URL)
  • An example of a user’s URL after:
    (and this will be the same for everyone)

Now I do understand that for many enterprise businesses, they will probably use other options, but for small to medium-sized business and for an organization with a small user base, this might just fit the bill.

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