Show-n-Tell Thursday – Multiple commands to the Domino Server Console

My first ‘Show-n-Tell Thursday’ tip is a basic one, but one that I use in the classroom constantly. I’m surprised by the number of students that haven’t heard of it. Hope that you like it.

If you’re like me, you use certain commands over and over again at our Domino Server Console. One that I use a lot is the rep command. The problem is that I don’t like to sit there and send a command for each server that I have to replicate with. This tip will minimize that time at the console.

What you do is create a text file with each command on a new line. You can give the file any name that you want, but I like to use a bit of description of what it does in the file name. For example, I will create a text file called ‘rep2all.txt’ with the following commands on each line;

rep server1/orgname names.nsf
rep server2/orgname names.nsf
rep server3/orgname names.nsf
rep server4/orgname names.nsf

Then all I have to do is either place that file in the Domino server’s programs directory (usually something like LotusDomino and use the command
< filename.txt
or place it anywhere on your Domino server and call it by the full pathname
< d:filesfilename.txt
What you should see at your console is the commands ‘rapidfired’ to the server console.

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