Lotus Notes Client Question: Can History be configured?

This question goes out to those of you that are the Lotus Notes experts out there. (For the rest of you, talk amongst yourselves… I’ll give you a topic… Chuck Norris can lead a horse to water AND make it drink… Discuss!)

The History folder (located on the bookmark bar) keeps 7 days of activity. Can this number be configured? I can’t find anything in the forums or the technotes. As an incentive, this answer could be someone’s ‘Show-n-Tell Thursday’ topic…

  • Bruce Hopkins

    Okay, so I’m not exactly the “expert” you called out for, but I may have a solution. I think you can change the seven-day configuration under the Replication Settings for the log database. Click File|Replication|Replication Settings.

  • Interesting question. As far as I know, the answer is – as you expected – that there’s no access to this 7 day range. I did discover one thing that might be helpful if you wanted to create a hack.

    Background: These history entries are, like most things in Notes, notes themselves. In NotesPeek, you can see a group of documents based on a non-existent form called HistoryListEntry. If you ctrl-shift-right-click on your bookmark.nsf database, choose Database, Go To, you’ll get the list of all the views in your bookmark database (spelunking in there is entertaining). One of those views is called – you guessed it – History. Opening that view gives you the same list of notes that NotesPeek gives (well, NotesPeek also shows deleted items, but…).

    So you may think, cool, I’ll just change the view selection criteria to be greater than 7 days? Naw, Iris didn’t put a date-sensitive formula in a view selection criteria. Instead, the selection is simply ‘form=historylistentry’. There is no code that I could find that creates or deletes these entries. Maybe somebody else will find it.

    I *did* find an entry in the Notes.ini, though, that you might be able to use to trick Notes into behaving the way you want. The entry will be called LastHistoryPruneTime, and it will be equal to something like =03/29/2006 08:33:16 PM – a date/time stamp. As far as I can tell, if that value is more than 7 days in the past, the Notes client will purge the history folder WHEN YOU EXIT NOTES.

    So, a fairly lame hack would be to automate the creation of that entry every time Notes is launched, and set it to today. My guess is, your history would never be purged.

    Another, similarly odd hack would be to grab those history notes, put them in another database that you *do* have complete control over, and then simply write them back into the bookmark.nsf whenever you wanted (you could probably use the postOpen and queryClose events in the database script in bookmark.nsf to automate the process). That could be configured in such as way as to allow you to choose the number of days worth of history to keep.