Show-n-Tell Thursday: Help for Admins trying to be Web Developers

This SnTT comes out of my need to ‘tweak’ someone else’s project. It’s not directly a ‘Lotus’ thing, but I find it useful… I hope that you do too! Let the games begin…

When I have to review and update CSS files, trial and error just doesn’t cut it. I’m too busy for that. That’s why I test web apps using a Mozilla Firefox extension I find very valuable (even for working on this site). It’s called ‘Web Developer’ by Chris Pederick. It has many great web development features, but I use it to view and edit CSS files. Here’s an example of some of what you see with this extension.
A picture named M2
It even adds rightclick functionality to your Firefox experience. He has it well documented and has a forum on his site to ask questions. I would strongly recommend trying this extension out.