Show-n-Tell Thursday: Notes Client Trick

I’ve been training some endusers on the finer points of the Lotus Notes client, and I forgot about this trick until recently, so I bring it to you with some Irish love (Tomorrow is St. Patrick’s Day):

There is a folder called ‘Create’ under the ‘More Bookmarks’ folder on the bookmark bar.
A picture named M2

In it, you will find bookmarks to create a new memo, calendar entry, contact, or to do item… all of the things you can click (if you turn on that option) from the Welcome Page. There is also a new button on the Universal toolbar as well. (It looks like a folder.)
A picture named M3

You can take advantage of the ‘Create’ folder to build your own custom ‘create new document’ items for applications that you use a lot. First, open up your application in the Notes client and then create a new document. (For this example, I’ll create a new Blogsphere entry.) All I did then was bookmark the unused new ‘Blog Entry’ document to the ‘Create’ folder. It now looks like this…
A picture named M4

Now, check it again, but this time, from the ‘New’ button on the toolbar…
A picture named M5

There you have it… a new way to create documents fast!

Now you know…’cause knowing is half the battle!!!