Florida Trip 2006 – Day One Wrap-up

Our trip actually started on Thursday evening with a fine dinner and a Cask-conditioned beer at Fort Street Brewery. (Brewmaster Doug… the ‘Bock and Blue’ needs to be on the regular menu!) After that, we got on I-75 heading south for Florida. We rode and rested and rode and rested and rode and rested. We traveled (and rested) for 16 hours! We stopped in Atlanta to visit the World of Coca-Cola, where I proceeded to try 41 different soft drinks in about 20 minutes! (Each glass was about 5 to 6 ounces, and I actually tried a few of them more than once.) We also tried Coke Blak, which is a fusion of Coca-cola and coffee. It’s like an old drink I used to get called a Bolt (not to be confused with Jolt Cola). Needless to say, my body was angry at me for a while. We then continued to travel to Valdosta, Georgia, where we stopped over for a well deserved night’s sleep at the Super 8 Motel. This morning, we are going to continue to Florida, and meet up with our friends, who will be flying in tonight.

If you want to see photos from day one of this trip, take a look at my Flickr page. I’m going to try to add descriptions as I go, and will have a new set of photos there each day.