Domino vs Exchange (Wild Bill version)

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Someone I consider a friend, ‘Wild’ Bill Buchan, has the perfect way to explain the difference between Lotus Notes and Microsoft Exchange

Somehow… This is a computer reference I can COMPLETELY understand…

Great job, Wild Bill! Cheers!

  • Now for phase 2. Do a powerpoint slide with both glasses.

    Start off with “messaging, calendar, client, web-client”. Well, thats the Exchange one full, right.

    Then go for
    – Replication
    – Clustering
    – Optional DB2 backend (and on this end, you can take “SQL backend” and “miss” the Exchange glass, and make a reference to Kodiak)
    – Instant Messaging client
    – Application development
    – Lotusscript
    – Java
    – Open source templates
    – Web services (nd7 remember)
    – Single Sign-on with Websphere

    and so on, and so on. There’s lots of stuff that we do, that Exchange does not. And so this is a very simple metaphor to explain this…

    (I’ve also explained the “Beer” theory to anyone who’d listen last week at DNUG..)

    —* Bill “Big Beer” Buchan

  • I like what I hear, Wild Bill.