Florida Trip 2006 – Day Four Wrap-up

Day four started with a quick breakfast and then we went off to the Marriott Vacation Club Information Center for a presentation on timeshare ownership. Why would we go to one of these things? One hundred dollars in Disney Dollars… I’m rich beeyaatch!!! Anyway, the newest property being built is called ‘Horizons by Marriott Vacation Club at Orlando’. It has a Key West motif, and was not only beautiful and family-friendly, but a nice value overall. I hope that after we move, we can come back down here and get in on this before it goes up any higher in price.

Following the presentation, we decided that today was a good day to just chill out at the resort. That was a good decision, because Tawnya has some homework to do (she’s working on her MBA), and the kids are needing naps. Before I knew it, everyone was resting (or napping) except Tawnya. By the time we all got up, it was around 7PM, so we piled into the minivan and went to the House of Blues for dinner. (Try their Creole Jambalaya!) Then we walked around Downtown Disney West Side to do a bit of shopping. I picked up a couple of cigars for later this week at Sosa’s Family Cigars. Our day ended back at the resort, where we all got quickly to bed (except for me, because I wanted to get this done.) Sweet dreams!

As usual, the photos are up on Flickr in a set called ‘Florida 2006 – Day Four’.