Historic Fort Wayne, Thanks for trying to RIP ME OFF!

Detroit has an annual fireworks display during the ‘International Freedom Festival’. Part of the fun is going around and finding the best spot in Detroit (or Windsor, Ontario, Canada) to watch the display. My ‘pride’ tried to go down to Historic Fort Wayne to watch them. In the past, it cost $5.00 a carload to go and watch them a couple of miles down the river, but on the riverfront. It’s a great view.

We drove up to the guard gate, and the lady says, “$18.00”. I said, “What? What for?” She replied that it’s $10.00 for parking, and $4.00 per person. (My daughter was free… Gee, thanks!) I was shocked! There was no sign indicating the price. In fact, there has been no advertising about seeing the fireworks at Historic Fort Wayne at all (unlike in previous years). I said, “Oh no! Not tonight!” I turned the ride around, and headed back home.

My daughter is disappointed, but to arrive at 8:30PM, leave at 11PM and to be charged $18.00 for a parking spot and a piece of grass to sit on? No thanks! Even a Yahoo! Group dedicated to saving Historic Fort Wayne said it would be $5.00 per car and $1.00 for walk-in admission.

I’m forwarding this blog entry to someone at the Detroit Historical Museum. I’m hoping for an explanation. I’m not going to hold my breath.