The Irish Lotus User Group Meeting this week… wish I was there!

Even though this is their second meeting, the Irish Lotus User Group (ILUG) is looking to be the place to be. The agenda, sponsors and speakers makes this look like a ‘Mini-Lotusphere’. I hoping someone is going to record this, not only because of all of the useful information, but because of the quality of people that will be there. Every one of them are Lotus ‘Hall of Fame’ caliber people. Bill Buchan, Daniel Nashed, Ed Brill, Kathleen McGivney, Libby Ingrassia, Mark Wallace (Mark, where’s your site?), Paul Mooney, Rob Novak, Thomas ‘Duffbert’ Duff, and Warren Elsmore… Wow! I mean, I’m proud of the work done by the Detroit Notes Professionals, but could any other Lotus user group out there pull this off? GREAT JOB, PAUL!!!

If anyone out there has an opportunity to go, you just have to attend this!!! (Contact Paul Mooney NOW!) There are two things preventing me from jumping on a plane and going there. One, I’m broke! Two, this weekend is the Michigan Columbian Squires State Convention (more on that tomorrow).

I hope everyone has a great time! Hoist a few for me… Cheers!