Game on… Lotusphere 2007 Registration NOW OPEN!

Thanks to Spanky’s blog, I found out that the Lotusphere 2007 registration is now open. It looks like they’re also asking for abstracts. I’m going to try it again…

  • Good Luck my friend!

    BTW – I managed to get to the Frankenmuth Brewery ( ) when I was out there earlier this summer. Very nice. They filter their beer (except their Hefeweizen), but they don’t pasturize. So it is technically a “live beer”. Most of them were pretty good (their Stout was excellent); but mine is better.

    I’ll see you in January (or sooner, if we end up moving out there)!


  • @Ray,

    Will we see you at LS 2007? Will I also see you in Detroit in a month? Got dinner on the 21/22?

  • @Devin – Good luck to you as well! I have a good feeling about you. If you need an assistant on stage, let me know…

    Frankenmuth used to be better than that… There was a tornado years ago that destroyed the place. The next time you’re back in town, I’d like to take you and your ‘pride’ around to try some great Michigan beers. (Mine’s still better though…)

    @Bruce – I’m not sure yet. I know that I want to go, but we’ll have to see (again). Not only will I be in Detroit when you stop by next month, but I hopefully will be able to go to dinner with you. See you soon!!!