Guess what?

Guess what?
Originally uploaded by Ray "The Lion King" Bilyk.

Ever since she could talk, she said that she did NOT want to eat a hamburger. (Jennifer and I think that someone told her it was yucky and it stuck with her.) Well, imagine our surprise on Wednesday when she said, “I think that I want to try a hamburger.” Then she got this look on her face like we were uninformed and said, “You know, I like to try new things!” No argument here, kid. Off to McDonald’s we went, and here she is… eating her first hamburger. She said that she wants to try a cheeseburger next time.

Another cow bites the dust….

  • Tawnya

    Congratulations Kiara! Elijah has that same shirt by the way!
    At least she’s eating it properly. Elijah eats the top piece of the bun, then the burger, and sometimes the bottom part of the bun!