Kiara’s first day of school

She knows that I blog, and so she wanted me to ‘tell a story’ about her first day of school-

I met friends. One is named Arielle. One is named Maddy. One’s Colin. My other friend is Alyson. We played in the sandbox. We played kitchen. We gave our [play] babies food. I painted my foot. I put my foot on paper. I did a puppet show. I made bubbles (a bubble solution). I took the bubbles home, and I stirred it up. I wrote my own name on my placemat. I put stickers around it. I drew myself onto a person shape. I was this size. I put two bracelets on the person… one on each arm. The person picture is going to be hung up on the hallway wall. I made ‘a Hug and a Kiss’ [it’s a cookie]. I gave my Mommy a hug and a kiss, and then I can eat it. I like my teacher and I love my teacher. I can’t wait to go to school again. The end.

The pictures from her first day of school are up on Flickr. I think she’s going to do okay with this school thing.