Live Blogging from Detroit Notes Professionals Users Group meeting – Summer DominoFest

Well, as live as you can get without Internet service.

Mike Sobaczak, President of DNP, welcome us all to the Summer DominoFest. He also reminded us that summer doesn’t end until tonight. (I didn’t know that…) Bruce Elgort is the first presenter, talking up solutions. The crowd is eating it up. He’s also giving away OpenNTF shirts. Not a lot of questions, but the presentation was well received.

Our next speaker is Fred Pycko (and local rep Greg… sorry, didn’t get your last name) from IBM/Lotus Software, who is speaking on running Lotus Notes on Linux. He’s also talking about IBM’s Open Source Strategy for the Linux operating system distribution. It’s a high-level presentation, with very little actual Notes/Domino information until the end. Too bad…

Lunch was Mr. Pita, which was good. The next presentation, which was a video from Lotusphere 2006 on Application Performance Techniques for Domino Developers, was started. Bruce had to head back to the airport, so we left around 1PM. (Sorry I missed your presentation, Mike. I actually was looking forward to it. Maybe you can give me a one-on-one.)

I took a few pictures, which I placed up on Flickr. I also placed a couple of videos up on YouTube. (Here is video one and video two.) Overall, a very good meeting. Hope to see more of you at the next DominoFest.