Live Blogging from Lotusphere… for a while…

Theme: IT Revolves Around You!

There’s a freaking rock band playing… Line of the morning, "It’s the cast of a suburban Boston production of Jesus Christ Superstar."

Mike is up there talking now… Better check my pulse! Congratulations to us for being named Time’s person of the year.

Hannover released

30 percent revenue growth in Q4. One million Sametime seats sold. 11 percent more people here… at 7000.
He gave other stats… missed them.
Lotusphere open in Second Life!!!

Neil Armstrong is here! He looks great!
Hands are a little shaky. That’s to be expected.

MCO means McCoy Airport.

He’s telling us the story of the beginnings of the Space Race. This isn’t ‘The Right Stuff’… It’s better! The first computer in space had only 4K of memory… 4K!!!

He considered himself a technician. He travelled over 3 days to install a mirror on the moon. They were measuring the distance to the moon from earth. He figured he needed the information for his mileage on his expense report.

"Good design stands the test of time."

First, Rock and roll and then Neil Armstrong… I’m excited!

Mike is back. "…rendering the office obsolete. Office obsolete… I like the sound of that.

You know what? I’m stopping here. I can’t connect online, so I’m going to tell you what I saw later.