Lotusphere thoughts so far

I had breakfast with Bruce, Volker, Ute, Jess and Matt this morning. I learned so much in that short time about things like taking pictures and working in a press Q and A session. I also learned that Jess has a wedding planning application. If it isn’t on OpenNTF, it should be.

The IBM Lotus Sametime Gateway looks good, but this session was a bit ’empty’ in terms of content. Too bad.

Thank goodness that the rest of my pride is here in Florida. I missed them.

I’m way overweight, and I’m out of shape. A swan boat race can kick your behind if you’re not careful. Also, Devin Olson is a great partner. Thanks for making me look good!

Andrew Pollack did a great session on running Domino on Linux. It should be required viewing for anyone interested in this. It should also be watched by any developer that needs to build a development server.

Wild Bill Buchan does a great session on LotusScript tips called DevBlast. It’s a must see session.

Thanks to Rocky for making me look fly.

By the way…
Lotus Notes - Save the client - Save the world
I’m still waiting for my shirt, but I’ll wait… The future depends on it…