LS07 – Here I go…

As I sit here drinking my overpriced Starbucks coffee, eating my overpriced blueberry scone, and waiting for the Southwest Airline flight 1317 to open its doors so we can walk in, I start to think about my expectations for Lotusphere 2007. Some thoughts…

There are going to be some cool announcements. We are going to hear more and more about IBM Lotus Notes 8, and see a lot more of it in some of the demos. We may even get a chance to touch it in some of the labs. (You won’t see any Notes 8 in my session, AD303.)
Lotus is starting to get back to the top of its game, and all eyes are on IBM to provide leadership, direction and support. This year, THEY WILL NOT DISAPPOINT!
It’s going to be over before I realize it. By the time I get my bearings, people will be saying goodbye. That’s one of the worst parts of this… having to wait a least a year before seeing anyone again.
I’m going to be tired… very, very tired… but I won’t mind. Thinking of all the cool technology I will be seeing (and touching) will keep me going. (A couple of beers will help also.)
I’m going to miss my ‘pride’. It’s because of their support that I can do these sort of things, but I will get a chance to see them when they arrive on Wednesday.
The phrase ‘I AM’ will make a return. IBM/Lotus Software will also give all of us bloggers something to hang our hats on (again).
IBM has been preparing us for what developers and administrators will need to compete in this global marketplace. Unlike the job opportunities in Michigan, Lotus Software will continue to be something that we can work with, on and in. Thank you IBM/Lotus Software for keeping us busy.

It looks like we’re lining up, so they must have wound up the rubberband on this bird. See you in Florida!