Why no ‘5 Things You Don’t Know About Me’ love?

At this point, I believe that no one has ‘tagged’ me for the ‘5 Things You Don’t Know About Me’ game, while other people are being tagged by multiple people.

Here’s one thing that you’ll now know about me… I feel now like used to feel when we’d play sports in grade school (even though I was quite good at sports)!

  • I hear you Ray…no love/tags here either…

  • Quit yer whinin’!!!

    { Link }

  • I tagged you too, last Thursday. I thought I emailed you too. Can’t you feel the love?

  • I feel it.. I feel it… Thanks Chris and Curt!!!

  • Sheesh. I just got around to doing mine last night. I would have tagged you, but you’re such a big girly man whiner I couldn’t bring myself to do it.

    Anyway, what are your five things? You’ve had a week to do them man!


  • Yes, we are waiting!

    Don’t make me retract it. I was for hearing your 5 Things before I was against it!