Lotusphere 2007 Presentations database?

I’m sitting (yes, and live blogging I guess) at the “Lotusphere Comes To You” in Detroit (Southfield, Michigan actually) and Jack Welch (Sales and Distribution, Software Sales, Lotus Software Group, IBM) was in his Notes 8 client and there was a Notes database called “Lotusphere 2007 Presentations”. He mentioned that it was available, but all Google searches proved fruitless. Does anyone have any idea where that NSF is located, or is it only an ‘IBM Internal’ database?

  • maybe it was geniisoft database? { Link }

    ps: I mantain a list of available presentation slides from LS07 here: { Link }

  • @Giuseppe – No, I have Ben’s (GeniiSoft) outstanding database (now complete with the presentations). It looked different than that.

    Nice list of presentation slides! Thanks for linking to mine!

  • Internal only as much as I know. They have these databases for each year wich complete list of presentations.