A story for Kiara

Once upon a time, Bob the Builder was hard at work, when the Foreman came by.

“Since you’re not doing anything,” said the Foreman, “I want you to start learning a new and different CAD/CAM system.”

“No problem,” said Bob while stopping what he was doing (which was obviously something), “After all, every time you’ve thrown a new piece of equipment at me, I’ve learned it with very little problem, and I’ve never complained, even though I’ve been doing the work of 3 people over the past year.”

“Yea, I’m going to hire someone soon,” said the Foreman, even though Bob knows that he’s heard that line for years (since the first person left).

The Foreman handed the manual to Bob and said, “You have to learn this as fast as you can, and be able to show the rest of the crew how to use it. The old system we were using isn’t being used anymore.”

“But I just came back from a builders convention where thousands of people were using it, and the manufacturer of the system said that there’s going to be newer versions of the system being released soon,” exclaimed Bob. He also noticed that the Foreman only gave him the manuals, but not the actual software so that Bob could practice working with the system.

“We only have one construction worker that knows this new system, and it’s not fair that he has to travel all the time,” said the Foreman.

“He’s part owner of the construction company, plus I have a family at home that misses me tremendously when I travel so much, so I’m really not interested in traveling so much,” said Bob.

“Well, if you don’t, you are not very useful to our company. You may have to find work elsewhere,” said the Foreman, “After all, there isn’t much business up here in Michigan for what you do.”

“That’s strange… because I’ve seen job postings for my skillsets here in Michigan, and a lot more out of state, and you know that I’ve been interested in moving with my family to another state,” said Bob.

“Well, have you learned it yet?” asked the Foreman.

Bob just smiled and nodded while quietly getting his resume together.